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Trip to Thiruneermalai and Trishulanathar temple near chennai airport

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Tiruneermalai, Thiruneer malai, Tiruneer Malai

This is a divya desam of Vishnu ..

Details about the temple through links:

Temple Phone Number:

Std Code- 044 Phone Number :22385484

How I went:

On 16th May 2007, early morning 6 am went by scooter on airport tambaram highway and after pallavaram there is a road that takes right which leads to the temple..was there by 7 am..there is a near dry temple tank..then there is a temple at the bottom of the hill and then there is a 200 step climb up a small hill that again leads to ranganathar temple.. had to wait long..generally I was told the temple opens at 8 am..did archanai/pooja with coconut et all and offered tulsi mala three pieces and one jasmine mala to the gods up hill and oe each to lords at the bottom of the hill..I loved this place after an hour proceeded to Trishulanathar temple enroute…

Trishulanathar Temple


This is a divya desam of Vishnu ..

Details about the temple through links:

Temple Phone Number:

Std Code- 044 Phone Number :

How I went:

On 16th May 2007, after finishing my vist to tiruneermalai, by 8 am I took a road very near trisulam station and opposite airport ..then took a right to thistemple..its about 2 km from main road…I found the temple to be of fairly old origin a good temple to see of lord Shiva…

Trip to Ashtalakshmi Temple and Kaligambal Temple Chennai

Trip to Ashtalakshmi Temple and Kaligambal Temple Chennai

Keywords: Temple Temples India South India Tamilnad Tamilnadu Visit, Tour Pilgrimage, Dharshan ,
Ashta Lakshmi Eight Kalikambal

You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good can also write to me on the mail id above for adding anything more to make it more useful and informative every small info will help as it has probably helped you so please write in..…

Ashtalakshmi Temple Besant Nagar, Chennai

Today March 23rd 2007 is a Friday .this temple is near besant nagar beach..ask for kalakshetra colony and ask for directions is on the beach….came here at 10.30 am..bought 3 small tulasi malas for Vishnu (Main Deity), anjaneya and guruvayur appan, and 9 bits of jasmine flower mala which is one for Laksmi (Main Deity) with Vishnu and others for 8 lakshmi’s you can get to do pooja to all 8 lakhmi’s listed below for Rs 101 by buying a ticket they will give a kum mum packet that you keep giving to priests..tehy willreturn it after doing kum kum archana to to the lakshmi’s to carry to the other at the end you would have done poojas to all lakshmi’s and each lakshmi would have given her kum kum Prasad to you in the same packet…

The eight Mahalakshmi's are Sri Aadhi lakshmi the Goddess of health, Sri Dhanya lakshmi the Goddess of food, Sri Dhairya lakshmi the Goddess of courage, Sri Gaja lakshmi the Goddess of luck, Sri Santhana Lakshmi the Goddess of children, Sri Dhana lakshmi the Goddess of wealth, Sri Vijaya lakshmi the Goddess of victory and Sri Vidya lakshmi the Goddess of education. Other deities in the temple are Hanuman, Guruvayurappan and Ganesh

Kaligambal Temple Chennai

This temple is in thambuchetty street..Tuesday and Fridays are very crowded…most info on the temple is in the link below which is their official site

On March 23rd Prahalad (son) and I reached this temple at 4 pm ..bought coconut et all for archanai and a 54 lemon mala ..did our first prayer to lord vinayaga ganesh on the side of the main temple and then went inside in que..after you exit from dharshan you can go around and come back in and que again for sitting in front of the goddess..there is no payment and no special ticket etc..everyone is allowed in que… this is the best part..

Trip to Panchavati Anjaneyar Hanuman and Prathyankara Devi near Pondicherry

Trip to Panchavati Anjaneyar Temple and Prathyankara Temple Moratandi Pondicherry

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Pondy, Puducheri
Prathiyangera prathyankara pratyankara prathyangira

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On 06-02-07 I went to koyembedu bus stand at 4 am and boarded a bus to pondycherry via tindivanam route…in about 2 hrs and 40 minutes I got down at Panchavati Anjaneya temple..please tell your conductor you wish to get down in this temple and that he has to take the responsibility of reminding you…it comes on the left hand side of the road and the temple is on the main road itself…my conductor kept shouting somewhere despite several I missed out on getting down anyways 99% of the busses stop in kootu road which is just about 5 min down there and too an auto from there for rs.20 getting back on the same road..thedharshan of 5 headed anjaneyar was good …did pooja and then 5 rounds of the temple..its a fairly new temple and has a link to the founder of anjaneyar temple nanganallur Chennai..they give you nice Prasadam to eat..for this you need to exit through the right gate(if you stand facing hanuman there will be a right wall and a small exit..on the very same side you also have very neat toilets..after eating proceeded to prthankara temple about 20 min from here

phoneno of panchavati temple: 0413-2678823, 2671232

Prathyankara Temple

I took an auto from panchavati for Rs 40 to drop me at Prathyankara is off the main road by about three km..bought coconut et all with red arali flower garland and then proceeded to do an archanai at the temple..u have to break the coconut outside the temple and carry it inside..someone will help u in this ..she is a very very powerful goddess thre are two statues of her one outside open to sky stand 72 feet tall and one inside slightly underground about 4 feet…this place is in the midst of 8 graveyards(don’t panic) cant see them..many evil forces (if you believe) just leave as you enter the temple…I saw one lady jus tbehaving abnormally on entering and the priest caught her front tuft of hair and poured holy water and next 5 min she walked out as though nothing was ever wrong with her daughter and husband…I came out and then lit two lamps near the open to sky statue..the goddess loves to be worshiped on 8th day after full moon called ashtami..on this day they do pooja in midnight till 4 am..generally Tuesdays, new moon days and Friday are little crowded

temple ph no: 0413-3204288,2907871

From here if you want to get back to Chennai..go back in auto for rs 20 to the main road ie tindivanam pondycherry road ..dont try going back in tindivanam route Chennai busses..busses don’t stop or are very crowded…go to pondicherry in private busses that ply and take a ECR road bus to Chennai..i did that.. was back by 5 pm…

Trip to Tiruvannamalai Thiruvannamalai Thiru Annamalai Arunachaleshwar Annamalaiyar Seshadri & Ramana ashram,temple,travel,visit,tour

Visit to Tiruvannamalai Thiruvannamalai Thiru Annamalai Arunachaleshwar Annamalaiyar Seshadri Swamigal & Ramanashram Ramana ashram skandashram skandashramam virupaksha cave


Annamalayaar or Arunachaleswarar Sri Yogi Ram Surat Kumar

You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good can also write to me on the mail id above for adding anything more to make it more useful and informative I will do that…

For all your travel or taxi or lodging needs in Tiruvannamalai  please contact Mr.Palani of Surya Travels 9486203072 (info posted on Nov 13 2013)..You can refer my name as Ashok from Coimbatore. He will serve you well.

Use links below to know on the temple

What is so special about the place with respect to link ( )

Though I have come here many times I am blogging on this trip since I am taking Prahalad my son there for the first time under guidance of my Guru.Mr.Uma Chander on Swathi Nakshatra Day which is on 5th.

We came back on 4th afternoon 1.30 to Chennai from Tirupati and after resting till 3 pm went to koyembedu bus stand Chennai to take a bus to Tiruvannamalai which is about 4 hrs from the time the bus starts. Reached there by 8 pm.

I normally stay at kalaimagal lodge details below which is just 100 mtrs from temple..

Hotel Kalaimagal lodge-04175(std code) Phone 254215 normally a double room is Rs 350 here and you can do a phone reservation before you start ..similarly u canstay very next door to main entrance of temple in hotel arunachala 04175228 300,228400,

If you want to stay near ramanashram and seshadri ashram you can stay at ARUNA home..u can call Mr.Satish/Arumugam for reservations on 9486722892 or on 04175 236120. is their site and is their id for email contact.

Other lodges where you can stay are in the link below

I also visit this place during kartikkai deepam when I stay at ashrams below.. use the std codes above..u need to reserve here before hand u can also mail them..generally you need to donate Rs.1000 to ashram for feeding the poor..the rooms would cost Rs 100..if you are planning a visit during deepam book your rooms in ashram latest by August..ramanashram ( ) also serves food during your stay..seshadri ashram has a canteen you can buy from.. both ashrams are literally next door and it may cost rs 20 or rs 30 from temple or bus stand to ashram by auto.

other ashrams where you can stay are given in link below

It is supposed to be very good for you if you can do the girivalam going around the mountain or hill Arunachala near its base which is 14 km..( )the route is tar road and on plain ground....any day is preferable.. but full moon day and the day of deepam are the most preferred…it will be very very crowded on these days but still you can walk takes 4 hours by walk to do the giri valam girivalam parikrama if you don’t have the time you can go around the mountain in auto ..on the way there are 8 lingas shiva temples in 8 directions which you are supposed to visit and offer prayers as you go around..the auto charges are rs 200 for this organises tours on full moon on the link and go to tours and see the details which are given below

Fare Details
Fare per person
Non A/C
Special Darshan Rs. 50/- extra for the tour leaving at 10 a.m.
Tour Days & Duration
One-day tour. Leaves Chennai on all Full Moon day at 10.00 a.m. / 2:00 p.m. and returns at 6:00 a.m. on the next day.
Places Covered On the tour
Thiruvannamalai Girivalam
Book Online Book Offline

Seshadri ashram-236999,238599

Ramanashram 237292

Seshadri ashram

After settling in the room we had our tiffen and slept….next day morning 6 am we were there in temple after bath..bought coconut et all for archanai first on the entry gate is a ganesh vinayakar ..prayed to him..then immediately you have lord muruga temple where he appeared in front of Arunagirinathar…then there is a bid nandi (bull)..then you enter inside 6 am you can normally find the koil madu cow fully decorated ..offer it agathi plant leaves..the person minding the cow will offer this to you…seek its blessings..if you want to watch the cow opening the temple door be there in front of the door by 5.15…they do a pooja to cow and then only open the temple by a push to the door by the will also find the temple elephant seek its blessings..on the side you get vilva leaves in a temple authorized shop..shiva is very fond of kum kum for the goddess …you can also nuy ghee for pouring in the lamp in front of lord shiva…by now you will be near a big orange vinayaga lord ganesh..pray to him.. after this you can get a special entrance ticket for rs 20.. see the lord..if you want to do special pooja or abhishekam the two people whose contacts are given below will be of help..please call them one or two days in advance so that they can assist you please pay them personally what you feel generally rs 100 and above…they are temple priests so don’t talk to them as if they are some tout or guide or someone who is after money..please treat and talk normally and respectfully…

PT Shankar Sivaachariyar
04175220188 (residence)

V.Murthi gurukkal


After lord shiva’s siva’s dharshan he call lord Annamalaiyar here..go around the outer pathway and then reach the temple of goddess Unnamulai Amman. The special entrance ticket for twenty is for both …after this come out and pray to navagrahas planets..and then go around the temple (inner outer path that will circle both lord shiva and goddess) once or three times..exit..near the outer nandi you will find patala linga a place underground where ramana maharishi meditated and from where seshadri maha rishi brought him out…

After exiting we went to seshadri ashram which can be viewed in half hour front of this ashram is a hotel which serves continental cuisine that is good..there is lot of space and lot of foreigners will also be there seen relaxing…then we went by walk to ramana maharishi ashram meditated and then walked to the back of the ashram where there is a gate that leads to a pathway which takes you to a cave skandashram skandashramam where ramana maharishi had meditated..the climb is about 40 min up the mountain track..fairly easy climb since the path is a rough laid will gasp for breath though..after meditiating at the cave where you will realize what silence is…just go slightly up on stairs that lead from the cave about 20 steps and you will reach a nice stream of water and a big tree under which you can relax..then you take a different path down right in front of the cave to virupaksha cave where again ramana had meditated…this cave is bigger dark and silent too..then you visit gughai namasivayar temple on the way down..ask some one for directions..if you keep going down you will reach the outer wall of the temple..take an auto to you place of stay..from here we took an auto for rs 250 to and fro to meet an 80 year old saint called Shri Vellaianandha Swamigal in a place called Karumarpatti which is about 20 km from Tiruvannamalai and got his blessings... we did all this and then vacated the room, boarded the bus to Chennai (there is a token system for reserving seats in a line..please use it) and were back in Chennai at 5pm on 5th…

Near temple i would recommend abirami hotel for breakfast and lunch..
Near ramanashram opposite seshadri ashram there is Aura Usha in for continental feed especially for foreigners it also has indian food and buffet...again in seshadri ashram there is a hotel just inside entrance which serves good breakfast and lunch and dinner...

If you have time you could also visit TiruKovilur Divya Desam Vishnu temple and thiruvarangam vishnu temple from here these are at 45 may take 4 hrs to and fro...