Sunday, April 29, 2007

Trip to Ahobilam

Trip Visit to Ahobilam Ahobila -17th 18th & 19th March 2007 -U may mail me on for any queries /clarifications/doubts. I will be glad to help you from what I know...
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How to reach ahobilam from chennai bangalore mumbai..please alight at cuddapah the nearest railhead.

I proceeded from Dadar(Mumbai) to Cuddapah because I had to pick my son…Prahalad (whose story is what this shrine brings out).. I belong to Chennai and u can take a train from Chennai to cudappah too…I reached cuddapah by 3pm on 18th…took a bus from there(new bus stand) to Allegeda(frequent busses are available—it is two hrs frm cudappah) and from there took a bus to ahobilam(rs 10 per tkt) which runs roughly every 45 min…u can also take an auto (rough cost Rs.100)…there is a guest house called malola guest house where I stayed(single room was Rs.200 with fairly clean room attached bath) ..Manager is mr.Badri Narayanan who was very no of guest house..08519-252045 or 252089..address-Shri Ahobila Mutt Sri Malola Guest house Ahobilam 518545 Kurnool District Andhra Pradesh India…there is a very good canteen very nxt to the guest house where good food is available..Of interest here is 9(nava) Narasimhars each representing a planet, pillar from where Narasimha emerged (ugra stamba-u can clim this but it is for very high risk takers),Prahalad Padi(his school), Lower Ahobilam and upper ahobilam Narasimhar temple..I skipped the pillar which can be seen easily from near the Jwala Narasimhar shrine and the prahalad padi which is nothing great except for a step with om written..u get guides for 350 is best to hire them which I did from malaoa guest guides name by chance happened to be mr.Narasimhan..The path u take is a climb up the mountain through river bed(bhavanashini river-remover of sins river) and the climb is real steep and rocky and the view something u jus cant miss..there are steps leading to Jwala and malola each about 300 and 400 which is slighty difficult for old people..i clim tirupati hills regularly which is 3700 steps so found it easy..all the others are descending steps and pathways we coverd 5 narasimhars on the way up and down the mountain in 3 hrs…lower and upper ahobila temples can take ½ hr each..there are 3 narasimhars very near lower ahobilam of which one is bhargava which has 100 odd steps to climb..the most difficult is the only one left which is Pavana which u can access from upper is a 1 km step climb and 7 km walk and 7km return..i did not walk this I took a jeep instead which cost me 1500 rs..the ride is real bumpy and anyone with spine trouble should never take it..we reached pavana from lower ahobilam by jeep in 1.15 hrs and then returned..on the way back are Yoganand and chatravata which we saw and paid rs 100 more to take us to in tot ors 1500 for the is a fare for the jeep any no can go in it till about 8-10 persons..we were only two my son and me..but still took it since we wanted a dharshan of all 9 narasimhars the same day..we started at 8 am and could finish all by…then retraced to allegeda and cuddapah to take the chnnai mail from Mumbai 6009 at 10 pm from cuddapah to reach Chennai at 4.30 am the next summarise.. then go to upper ahobilam temple(1)--(order food in the Brahmin food chatram(only if u tell them to make will they prepare food..its free I think because though we ordered food I went there a little earlier at 11.30 and they said it can be served at 12 pm we skipped it..) there which will be served after 12 pm.. pray to lord of upper ahobilam and finish jwala(2),malola(3),varaha(4)(Kroda) and have food and then visit karanja(5) on the way back from upper to lower ahobilam it is on the way on the roadside… visit lower ahobilam temple and then take a jeep to paavana(6) narasimhar..see yoganand(7) and Chatravata(8) on the way and then visit bhargava(9)….

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