Friday, May 4, 2007

Trip to Tiruvalanchuzhi Tiruvalanchuli Swamimalai Pateeswaram Aadhi Aadi Kumbeswarar

Trip to Tiruvalanchuzhi Tiruvalanchuli Swamimalai Pateeswaram Aadhi Aadi Kumbeswarar

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Trip toThiruvalanchuzhi Thiruvalanchuli Vellai Pillaiyar Nurai pillaiyaar Sweta Vinayakar Shweta Vinayakar Kali

My Son Prahalad and I took a bus from Trichy Central busstand to Kumbakonam at 1.30 reaching there by 4.30..

checked into MSM lodge room..they charge Rs.150 per day..this lodge is in bus stand itself and fairly convineient for the many short trips I make keeping kumbakonam as base..very many temples are spread around kumbakonam in the 3 hour by bus radius..after resting till 5pm and having a good bath, we took an auto for rs 150 to take us to Thiruvalenchuli, Pateeswaram durga and then dropping us at Aadhi kumbeswarar Siva Shiva temple. Generally the auto guys here give a package deal of 6 temples at rs 250 which can be covered in about 4-5 hrs. To every place thre are town busses plying but generally most of them are crowded as they link very many villages enroute and the roads are winding(so the journey is a tad slow)..there is lof of floating population from every town village near kumbakonam and back..very advisable to take autos for 25 km radius..u can also hire a car though it would be expensive..The tiruvalenchuli pilliyar is details on temple below…very few archakas are there you need to wait a long time..or fetch the priest.. there is also a shrine for ashtambuja kali (8 hands) near the ambal temple...


This is one of the 6 major houses arupadaiveedu of Muruga..details in link below..very near the vinayaka temple above..about 2 km..this is where Muruga taught Shiva the pranava mantam OM…

from this temple we left for pateeswaram durga temple which is inside a shiva temple..the nandi (bull in front of Shiva) is to the story in link below..

email address
temple phone 0435(std code)- 2416976

Aadhi aadi Kumbeswarar Khumbeswarar

We prayed here..details in links below..navagrahas are very powerful here and kumbakonam gets its name because of the is a big temple with lot of shops with different cooking vessels kitchen item shops lining the path leading to the temple..i could feel the ambal mangalambikai very powerfully here..

we finished our day with this..if u step out of the temple there is a good jigardanda shop(a madurai speciality something like falooda..much more tasty though..have ur heartful it is real good…