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Temple Visit to Sholinghur Narasimhar

Trip to Sholinghur Narasimhar Temple

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Details about the temple through links:

Official Website:

Other Links:

Temple Phone Number:

Std Code-04172 Phone Number : 262225

Background:We came to know of this temple through our guide and god Shiva Shankar Baba.

How to go:

THis link gives the distances

You can reach this place by bus from Koyembedu bus stand chennai or train to arakkonam and then by bus also.

We went by car from Chennai. The trip takes approximately 3 hours from Chennai.(

Hotels in Sholinghur:

The only decent hotel in Sholinghur is C.A.M motel. We took a couple of hours of rest there(rate was around Rs.250)

We then proceeded to climb the hills.Temples:There are 2 temples-One for Yoga Narasimhar situated on the big hill and one for Yoga Anjaneyar situated on the small hill.Big hill temple:We went to the big hill temple of Yoga Narasimhar first to get darshan of Lord Narasimha.The climb takes around 40-50 minutes. It is not a hard climb but can be a bit strenuous for the older folks. However if one takes rest every so oftenit can be easily managed. There are also "dholi" services available for folks who cannot do the climb.Lord Narasimha is in a calm yogic pose in this temple. It is said that worshipping here for just 24 minutes gives immense benefits to the worshipper.The steps are protected by a tin shed. Hence it is easy to climb even in the sun.Small hill temple:The Yoga Anjaneyar temple is in the adjoining hill called as the 'small hill’. The climb is much less strenuous and should take only 20-25 minutes. Here Anjaneyar is in a yogic pose giving blessing to devotees and fulfilling their wishes. There is also a nice temple pond at the top of the hill.Note that there is no tin shed covering the steps in the small hill. Hence it can be a difficult climb in the hot weather.(By baba's grace there were rain showers as we were getting down the big hill temple. Hence the climb up the smallhill was cool and pleasant).Useful tips:-We didn’t find good eatery in Sholinghur.It is better to pack some food and snacks with you.-Always have a water bottle (preferably one per person) while climbing the temple. It is really useful.-Try to arrive early .Climbing gets much harder if the steps get hot (small hill temple).-It might be better to visit the small hill temple first (before the weather gets hotter) though I'm not sure if it is okay to visit the small temple first before the big temple.-Tirtuttani is close by(only 25 kms away).It makes sense to visit both the temples.The 2 websites (see above) )provide lots of information and useful phone numbers.

How to reach

Nearest Airport – Chennai

Nearest Rail Head/ Railway Station – Arakkonam Junction. Take a bus from there.

Road Access: There are many buses from Chennai.

Preferred travel base: Chennai

STD Code of Sholinghur -04172

Railway Station code for Chennai Central – MAS Sholinghur - SHU

Have given the train timings from chennai as on 6th june 2007 below

2609 BANGALORE EXP 13:15 14:31 M T W TH F S SU

6669 YERCAUD EXPRESS 22:30 23:57 M T W TH F S SU

6222 MYSORE EXPRESS 21:30 22:54 M T W TH F S SU

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