Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Trip to Srirangam Ranganathar Aranganathar Tiruvarangam and Tiruvaanaikkaa Tiru aanaikkaa shiva temple and Vayalur Murugan near trichy Tiruchirappall

Trip to Srirangam Ranganathar Aranganathar Tiruvarangam Thiruvarangam and Tiruvaanaikkaa Tiru aanaikkaa shiva temple and Vayalur Murugan near trichy Tiruchirappalli
Sri Ranganathaswami

You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshan


On 21-04-2007 Prahalad(son) and I got up at 4 am ..jus walked down and was pleasantly surprised by hot decoction coffee being served at that time in a nearby booth for rs 5…coffee was good ..had a bath..from central bus stand trichy where we were staying in a hotel guru there are busses available directly to Srirangam temple which leave you very near the entrance..was there by 6 am..bought tulasi mala preferred by Vishnu and malligai jasmine flower mala for thayar (wife) rs.10 ..walked through nearly 7 entrances which will give you an idea on how big the temple is ..each entrance is an inner square praharam around the temple..on the way I cld seek blessings from temple horse, temple cow and temple elephant since these are present for door opening ceremony of the temple early in the morning..took a special entrance ticket ..rs20 and had an early morning dharshan..generally it is always crowded and you can have a glimpse before you are asked to leave..the garudalwar who you pray to first to seek his blessings before going to Vishnu is very tall here..after you pray you go to a separate building which houses the thayar ..on the way to this is a place where you can keep your 5 fingers and peep out to see if ranganathar is coming..this is what thayar does often from that place..and then visit chakrathalwar who is the chakra in the hands of Vishnu..there is a mandab where kambar first narrated the kamba ramayanam he composed.. there are very many shrines inside the temple as it is very need half a day or 4 hrs do do a good slow dharshan of all of them.about 100 meters in front of chakrathalwar shrine are very good toilets..on the side..u can easily miss ask the vendors nearby..came out and had a good breakfast in an old mess jus about 100mts from the entance which houses was good..the mess shld be atleast 60 years old..authentic food..then we went to

Tiruvaanaikkaa Tiru aanaikkaa Jambukeswarar Jambukeshwarar Thiruvanaikkaval shiva temple

which is very near srirangam temple about 1.5 km away we took a cycle rickshaw as my son finds it very rare to see this type of transport..he loves this ride..this is a pancha bhootha stalam..water stahlam have discussed my visit to this temple elsewhere

then took a bus to chatram chathiram bus stand

Vayalur Murugan

from chatram bus stand we took a bus to vayalur which is about 35 minutes drive..this is kripananda kribananda variar’s most loved muruga temple

it takes about half hour..there is a shiva ambal temple after which you reach muruga temple..

by 12 am we returned to chatram bus stand from vayalur(there are busses from the entrance every half hr…and then we took another bus to central bus stand and then to nearby guru hotels to have our meals..tehn we rested for 1 hr…