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Trip to Tiruppovanam Thirupuvanam Tiruppuvanam and Madappuram Madapuram Kali

Trip to Tiruppovanam Thirupuvanam Tiruppuvanam and Madappuram Madapuram Kali

You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshan

On 24th apr 2007afternoon we took a bus from kumbakonam at 1.30 pm and reached Madurai maatuthavani bus stand at 6.30 pm and then took a taxi for rs 400 round trip to go to these places and drop us back at Madurai..these places are 22 km away from can also take a town bus..


This is a famous 275 shiva temple ..we did an archanai here then went to kali temple about 2 km away

Madapuram Madappuram Kali

She is very famous here she stands with no roof and about 12 feet high..we sought her blessings..ammavasya days will be very crowded..we offered 54 lemon mala and archani and went back to madurai on the way we had jil jil jigarthanda jil jil jigardhanda at a shop called Famous in east marret street..dont miss this it is like falooda but lot more tasty and a speciality of madurai..proceeded to college house famous eating place in madurai where
We had our full meals dinner ..we rested for the night at a lodge called KPS very near college house ph no 0452 -2341541, rent rs 150..we jus wanted to rest in a bed between 10 pm and 4 am..early in the morning we could manage decoction coffee at 4 00 am near our hotel opposite the can also proceed to tiruparamkundram muruga temple, meenakshi temple, alaghar koil, palmudurchozhai muruga temple in madurai..

Trip to Tiruneelakudi Thiruneelakudi Tiruneelakkudi Thiruneelakkudi

Trip to Tiruneelakudi Thiruneelakudi Tiruneelakkudi Thiruneelakkudi

You can write to me on for any clarifications / doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshan


On 24th Apr 2007 we proceeded from tirunageswaram guest house near rahu temple to this temple which is 7 km away..We did an abhishekam to the lord here to ward off all our karma vinai sins of past birth..I furnish below the phone number of chellappa gurukal who can organize for the pooja with sufficient notice ..he is also the gurukkal at rahu raghu temple in tirunageswaram no 9443578604..there are two shivas sivas here and two ambals..we came into the temple after going to markandeya kulam temple pond nearby..and then we came to the temple pond in front of the temple and then went was also the star birthday of my guru Mr.Uma Chandar for who we did an archanai first..this lord absorbs as much gingely oil as your sins are…we ate pongal salt and sweet after that and proceeded to kumbakonam..rom there we took a bus to Madurai which is 6 hrs away to see madapuram kali…

Trip to Tirupambupuram, Thirupambupuram, Tirumeichur Thirumeichur, Koothanoor, Aadi aadhi Vinayagar Vinayakar temple.

Trip to Tirupambupuram, Thirupambupuram, Tirumeichur Thirumeichur, Koothanoor, Aadi aadhi Vinayagar Vinayakar temple.

You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshan

On 22nd April 2007 afternoon we left at 3 pm from tirukadayur to thirupambupuram tirupambupuram koil..both rahu and ketu are together in this place and is a very good place to ward off your naga doshas..adhi seshan is said to have done tapa here..we took bath in the temple pond..did archanai to shiva and ambal and then took a ticket for rs 135 ..collected temple provided articles in a tambalam (decorative plate) also provided by them to clear ourselves of dosha..we sat at the rear of temple..some 50 other people were there..this is done during rahu kalam..any almanac will give you varies by the day of week for us it was Sunday and so rahu kalam was between 4.30 to 6 pm we were instructed by the gurukal priest on how to do the pooja..each had to keep rs 11 in 10 is taken by priest after that we had to assemble in front of rahu ketu to do the abhishekam to them and then again reassemble to get our plate back..we had to circle our head with a small naga (serpent) metal replica and put it in hundi and light two lamps and deposit black gramdal and kollu gram( the nava dhanyas you donate to get rid of rahu and ketu doshas) near the lamp and with that it got over..

Have given the temple ph no below Seshapureswarar koil -04352469555

Kumbakonam to karaikal bus ask for karkatthi bus stop if you are coming by bus and take an auto from bus you can also reach from kolumangudi..we proceeded to thirumeichur

Thirumeichur-lalitambikai lalita sahasaranama

This is a famous shiva temple and the ambal godess here is lalitambika lalitambikai on who many chant lalita lalitha sahsaranama sahasaranamam everdya in their houses..she is really very beautiful..from here we proceeded to Koothanoor

Koothanoor saraswathi

This is the only excusive sarsaswathi godess of learning temple ..we gave her a white sari..placed some pens for my son to write his exams with on her padam (feet) and did an archanai and proceeded to aadhi vinayagar koil some 2 km away..

Aadhi aadi vinayagar

Here the vinayagar ( lord ganesh temple)..this lord is the original lord ganesh befor he got the elephant head..there is a siva and ambal temple too…from here we returned to tirukadaiyur to stay there for the night…we were back by 9 pm…there is a very good hotel for having food tiffen breakfast lunch is a mess a little inside just outside the temple sand entrance..

Trip to Chidambaram Natarajar, Nataraja Thillai Kali, Tirukadaiyur Thirukadaiyur Abhirami Abirami

Trip to Chidambaram Natarajar, Nataraja Thillai Kali, Tirukadaiyur Thirukadaiyur Abhirami Abirami

You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshan

Chidhambarm Natarajar

On 22-4 2006 Prahalad(son) and me left Kumbakonam at 4.30 am toreach Chidambaram at 6.30 am..though we had had our bath etc we looked for a clean toilet which is there in east car street..this is a pay and use bath & toilet (very neat) near the theru or temple cart..if u don’t plan to stay at Chidambaram u can have a bath, answer calls of nature..
Hotel: I have given two below
I stay in hotel Vandyar very near busstand and for Rs.250 you get very decent double bed room. AC room is Rs 500. Ph 04144 225374, 225375
Slightly more costly is Hotel Saradharam Non ac double is Rs.550 and Ac is 1000.
ph 04144 221336
both are very near bus stand
some more link to hotel:
For travel by auto and for travelling around chidambaram, I would recommend Mr.Raja. Please refer ashok from chennai. Very nice person. Very reasonable with rates. Do agree on rates before hand. You can call from outstation on +91-9976866781 or dial 0 and then the number or if calling from chidambaram itself dial the number straight

Interesting and very exhaustive link:

As you enter the temple search for the big theppan water tank where you can also have a bath or dip you legs and do proshadam (dippng legs and sprinkling water 3 times on your head).. you can feed the fish here.. go to the big(he is really big) vinayagar temple then head for Natarajar shrine..please refer to the details on the temple in the links..near natarajar there is also a Vishnu shrine..then you can come out and see ambal called sivakami sivakhami, durga, muruga and muruga shrines and nine lingas.from near the nine lingas if you exit from the tower you can walk to thillai kali temple or take an auto for rs.20 which we did and reached the temple..

This temple's day to day functioning still rests with gurukals and their families tracing back in lineage to older times..government is not involved in the if you want to use the services of a priest or gurukal you can approach them and they will be glad to show you around the can also give money for doing poojas on your behalf on any specific day etc..I am giving below the gurukal who I found to be very courteous..

G Parameshwara Dikshitar,53/85, South Car Street,Chidambaram - 608 001,Tamil NaduPhone (91)-(04144)-223393...his sons will show you around and do archanai etc for you..
One of the must watch is 11 am pooja at temple and night 10 pm pooja.
You should also visit Bhuvanagiri which is 12 km away from chidambaram in Tamilnadu and may cost Rs.150 by auto. There are also regular busses. This is the birth place/house of Raghavendra. The temple ph no is 04144-240500. They conduct regular pooja's andabhisekms there for which you can make your contributions.

Thillai Kali

She is present in two form one shantha (tranquil serene) form and one Ugra form..we did a normal archanai to the shantha kali and paid rs 135 to do a kum kuma arcahani(you may have to wait a little while for this) to ugra kali ..we also rendered a 54 lemon mala..the tickets for these are sold just outside the temple..
Copy of a portion of above link…. Thillai ( Chidambaram ) was under the custody of Kali and naturally a quarrel ensured when siva shiva came here to reside here between him and kali. It was agreed that the winner would get Thillai. The game commenced with the Thandava of Siva & Lasya of Kali. Siva resorted to a strategy. He lifted his one leg in the air, which Kali could not do because of modesty. Siva won & became the Lord of Thillai. The dance performed by Siva came to be known as Oorthuva Thandava.
We ate in Krishna vilas hotel ( a good one) near the theru (temple cart) on east car street and left for bus stand by auto for rs.20..bus to thirukadaiyur takes 2 hrs..we reached there by 11.30 am

Thirukadaiyur Thirukadavoor

There are two sivas shivas here one is Amritaghateswarar(in linga form) and ambal is abirami abhirami amman the other shiva kalasamharamoorthy is with balambikai in form of idol..there is a sliding door to reveal shiva killing yama for the sake of markandeya..couples who are together perform 60th marriage anniversary sashtiapthapoorthy (completion of 60 years of the husbands age) and sadabishekam completion of 80 years of husband technically 81 as he shld have seen 1000 full moons (Sadabhishekam :- 1000 Full Moon Life Those Who Have Witnessed 1000 Full Moon Days Will Be Considered As Sadabhisheki. After Completing 80 Years And Starting 81 Will Be Treated Sadabhisheka Period. In Their 81 Years Life Time Full Moon ( Pournami) Day Will Be Visible For 1001 Times. Those Who Are Living For 1001 Pournami Days He Will Definitely Attain The Moksha By The Blessings Of Lord Chandra.) will always find many couples getting married to each other again at 60 ,70, 80 years (husband’s age)..these ceremonies bestow longer life is the belief..

there is a very good hotel for having food tiffen breakfast lunch is a mess a little inside just outside the temple sand entrance.. its called sri krishna canteen...for small level marriages they have a seperate hall where thy will serve tiffen of marriage and also lunch /dinner..they can also give you parcelled food packets...
for organising any marriage celebration 60th, 70th or 80 at the temple in thirukadaiyur or for doing special archanai at temple you may please call Mr.Nagaraj Gurukkal on 9443514564, his son Manikanda Gurukkal 9095366655.

04364 std code phone 287349 and take his help..(tell him ashok from chennai now in coimbatore referred) in fact since my parents are old and I wanted to celebrate 80th marriage anniversary for them I used his services for conducting the sadabishekam ceremony at chennai..he did it wonderfully well he can do it at the temple which is his place of residence or chennai too since he can organise thigns through his son in law at chennai..rough cost to the priests would be Rs.10000 and for the ceremony about Rs.20000 if done at chennai... for the same to be done at thirukadaiur by him the cost will be much less as tehy do it everyday and its so very easy for them to organise it in temple.
am giving one more gurukal(priest)'s no ph 04364 287784..his name is swaminath/ravichandran
We stayed at budget hotel rs 250 for single room also has other rooms and will recommend the hotel.. for a while in hotel bharath mahal near the temple phone 04364 (std code) 287880 287780,cell 9443678303....if ur needs are for staying with a group of 10 persons or 25 persons please contact pasumadam 04364287225..i think they charge 700 for a day and electricity charges...good rooms again...if you are looking to stay in much posher hotels you have hotel sadabhisekam,
hotel manivizha 04364287840,841,842 and hotel guru 04364287340,342, there is also devastan guest rooms04364 287595..we took aroom for rs 150 and it served our needs..there are costlier hotels right opposite...and then engaged a taxi for rs 800 as we had to go to some interior places in the afternoon..
i am giving here the ph no of a very young and good enterprising taxi driver who i used called Senthil 09443850597. he canbe reached for taxi needs and for organising just about anything at thirukadaiyur. Tell him ashok for chennai had referred.