Saturday, May 5, 2007

Trip to Tirupambupuram, Thirupambupuram, Tirumeichur Thirumeichur, Koothanoor, Aadi aadhi Vinayagar Vinayakar temple.

Trip to Tirupambupuram, Thirupambupuram, Tirumeichur Thirumeichur, Koothanoor, Aadi aadhi Vinayagar Vinayakar temple.

You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshan

On 22nd April 2007 afternoon we left at 3 pm from tirukadayur to thirupambupuram tirupambupuram koil..both rahu and ketu are together in this place and is a very good place to ward off your naga doshas..adhi seshan is said to have done tapa here..we took bath in the temple pond..did archanai to shiva and ambal and then took a ticket for rs 135 ..collected temple provided articles in a tambalam (decorative plate) also provided by them to clear ourselves of dosha..we sat at the rear of temple..some 50 other people were there..this is done during rahu kalam..any almanac will give you varies by the day of week for us it was Sunday and so rahu kalam was between 4.30 to 6 pm we were instructed by the gurukal priest on how to do the pooja..each had to keep rs 11 in 10 is taken by priest after that we had to assemble in front of rahu ketu to do the abhishekam to them and then again reassemble to get our plate back..we had to circle our head with a small naga (serpent) metal replica and put it in hundi and light two lamps and deposit black gramdal and kollu gram( the nava dhanyas you donate to get rid of rahu and ketu doshas) near the lamp and with that it got over..

Have given the temple ph no below Seshapureswarar koil -04352469555

Kumbakonam to karaikal bus ask for karkatthi bus stop if you are coming by bus and take an auto from bus you can also reach from kolumangudi..we proceeded to thirumeichur

Thirumeichur-lalitambikai lalita sahasaranama

This is a famous shiva temple and the ambal godess here is lalitambika lalitambikai on who many chant lalita lalitha sahsaranama sahasaranamam everdya in their houses..she is really very beautiful..from here we proceeded to Koothanoor

Koothanoor saraswathi

This is the only excusive sarsaswathi godess of learning temple ..we gave her a white sari..placed some pens for my son to write his exams with on her padam (feet) and did an archanai and proceeded to aadhi vinayagar koil some 2 km away..

Aadhi aadi vinayagar

Here the vinayagar ( lord ganesh temple)..this lord is the original lord ganesh befor he got the elephant head..there is a siva and ambal temple too…from here we returned to tirukadaiyur to stay there for the night…we were back by 9 pm…there is a very good hotel for having food tiffen breakfast lunch is a mess a little inside just outside the temple sand entrance..

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