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Trip to Thanjavur Tanjore Brahadeeswarar BrihadeeswaraTemple:

Trip to Thanjavur Tanjore Brahadeeswarar BrihadeeswaraTemple:

Brihadeeswara Brihadiswara,

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About General Place: Thanjavur,Tanjore


Details about the temple through links:

Photos of temple

Temple Phone Number:

Std Code-04362 Phone Number :

How I went:

Had been in Aug 1st week 2006 while touring Navagraha temples. Its an hour’s travel by bus from Kumbakonam. You can alight near the temple if you tell the bus conductor. I alighted and took an Auto to flower bazaar. It has always been my guru’s wish to garland the shiva linga here. So I thought I can garland on his behalf. The lingam is about 18 feet. You need to provide additional length for it to hang till down as the base is broader. So I bought a garland that was a connected garland of many other smaller garland of Roses about 20 feet long. I also took 6 other cocunut et all archanai bags for various deities inside the temple.

The priest

S Ganamani Gurukkal
2388,Ellaiamman Koil Street

Ph:04362 274948(res)
Mobile: 9994107217

Was very helpful. You can refer my name as Ashok from Chennai.

This temple is a real sight and looks more like a very well kept picnic destination. The temple is real big. The nandi (bull in front of Shiva) is also huge. After doing the pooja I went around the temple. There is a shrine for one of the 18 siddhars who was instrumental in planning the temple called Karuvurar.

Once done I boarded my bus back to Kumbakonam.

How to reach

Nearest Airport – Trichy or Tiruchirapalli

Nearest Rail Head/ Railway Station – Tanjavur Junction. Rockfort Express (Train No 6177) goes straight from Chennai. It is an overnight journey. Otherwise you can go to trichy and take a bus from there which would take about 2 hours to reach Thanjavur.

Road Access: There are many buses from Chennai,Coimbatore and Trichy.

Preferred travel base: Trichy or Kumbakonam

STD Code of Madurai -04545

Railway Station code for Chennai Central – MAS

Most south bound trains especially to visit the places above start from Chennai Egmore (MS) Coimbatore –CBE Madurai –MDU Trichy Thiruchchirapalli – TPJ, Thanjavur –TJ

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