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Trip to Tiruvakkarai Kali,Siruvachur Siruvachiur Madhura kali madura kali, Samyapuram Mariamman, Mahakalikudi ujjain ujjini kali, vekkaliamman Woriur

How to reach Kali temple Kali templesTrip to Tiruvakkarai Thiruvakkarai Kali, Siruvachur Siruvachiur Madhura kali madura kali, Samyapuram Mariamman, Mahakalikudi Maha kali kudi ujjain ujjini kali, Woriur ,Uraiyur Kali Vekkaliamman

Thillai Kali, Ambakaratur Kali, Kalikambal chennai, Kozha vili amman kali chennai, ayiram aayiram aiyram aaiyram kali, madapuram kali refer my other blogs on them

Note: In all temples always buy coconut et all and then archanai ticket before you go inside the temple..ask for the counter where they give this ticket as if you forget they will not do the pooja for you and will ask you to go all the way out to get the ticket..another tip is always get special entrance ticket which generally is 25 rupees max..its easier that way..

On 20th April 2007 Morning left by bus from koyembedu bus stand Chennai in Pondicherry bus via down at kootu road just after panchavati anjaneyar please tell the bus conductor to help you get down there.. take a bus to perumbakkam which is about 20 minutes from there..from there take a share auto rs 10 per head and reach the is a shiva temple with kali also as main deity..worship shiva and ambal first..
See links below for details…then I did an archanai to kali(coconut et all) gave a red arali poo(flower liked by her) garland and 54 lemon mala

Official site:
Other links:
Temple Phone No: Std 0413 – phone no.2688949

had tiffen breakfast in a good hotel mess nearby..took and auto to thirukkanur share auto is rs.10 ..i took one all for my self rs.40..from thirukkanur took a bus to villupuram…if you have the time please visit parikal parikkal lakshmi narasimhar narasimha and poovarasan kuppam lakshmi narashimar narasimha at villupuram..will take 2 hrs as they are slightly away frm viluppuram..i had originally planned to go but was short of time as this trip was for mainly kali dharshans..

Siruvachiur Madhurakali madurakali

From Villupuram took a bus to trichy..enroute please ask conductor to help you get down at siruvachur (very near and after perambalur)..took an auto for rs 15 to the temple…this temple is open only on Monday and Friday..details below

finished worship and left for samayapuram which is about 1 hr from here(samayapuram is 45 minutes distance from trichy

Samyapuram Mariamman

The godess is very beautiful and powerful here..details below

Mahakalikudi Ujjain kali

this place is just rs 30 by auto and very near samayapuram temple..i worshiped kali here who was supposed to have been worshipped by King Vikramaditya..

Left for Trichy…normally the bus stops at chatram bus stand at trichy..from here take a bus to central bus stand or an auto(rs50)…I put up at Hotel GURU near the central bus stand..double room at no 0431-2415881 very near this hotel you also have sharada lodge 0431 2460216 which is cheaper and good too..for other hotels in trichy use link below hotel guru you have a nice veg eating place for lunch breakfast or dinner..they serve meals thali both in the afternoon and night..I rested for 15 minutes had a bath and took a auto which I asked to take me to and fro to Shiva temple and kali temple below and back ..this cost me rs can also take a town bus from the bus stand..

Woriur ,Uraiyur


Uraiyur Woriur Kali Vekkaliamman

came back at 8pm had my dinner and rested…saw four powerful kali’s today..
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Trip to Mantralayam Guru Raghavendra

Trip to Mantralayam Guru Raghavendra

How to reach mantralayam mantralaya from chennai mumbai bangalore

You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshan

6 th Sep 2006 Started rom Mumbai by Dadar express at 8.30 pm reaching Mantralayam by 9.30 am the next day ie 7th Sep. The station code of Mantralayam is MALM and ADONI the next station to mantralayam(about 25 min away) if u r going from Mumbai or one sation before if u r going from Chennai..

If you are taking the Chennai express from dadar or dadar express from Chennai 2163 or 2164 resp though it is notpossible to get a ticket to mantralayam MALM book your selfto Adoni if you are traveling from Mumbai or to Raichur if you are traveling from Chennai..the train definitely makes an unscheduled stop at Mantralayam and is by far a very comfortable train ..

from mumbai i have given a train list that pass through mantralayam below with start and time of arrival at mantralayam..have made this list till adoni so subtract half hr for arrival time at mantralayam.. from bangalore you can take 1013 0r 1014 kurla express that reaches mantralayam at 10.45 pm starting from bangalore at 2 pm..

Train No
Train Name
Runs on





- - W TH F - SU


From station busses are normally available to mantralayam temple if not take a shared auto(half an hr travel) at rs 25 per head or hire one auto for rs80 exclusively..jeepscost rs150.. normally stay at a place called 100 rooms very near the is very neat and room rent for 1 day 24 hrs chk out is rs 100..both indian and western toilets are available..


if not rs 150 200 rooms which are normal ones are of which is 08512 279326,279586 called maruthi lodge..the other is 279568 which is a dharmasala with good rooms..

for people who want in Rs 500 range non ac and 850 range ac pavanama udupilodege is there phone is 08512 280062 and 09441181587
mantralaya room booking chennai office near triplicane parthasarathy temple
Std code 044

there is also the Andhra govt run punami guest house opposite with good rooms..apart from that there are very many small lodges…there is a good udupi hotel for eating…

So by 10 am I have booked my room and I am off to have my bath at tungabhadra river near by passing the entrance of the samadhi(brindavanam) of guru raghavendra..

Se below the exact photo

you can have a very relaxed bath and then come and pray first to Manchalamman very next door to guru raghavendra’s a aarathi for rs two..they let you do the aarathi (harathi)..then go into the brindavanam of Guru can read the mantra of th guru straight ahead as you haveto take of their shirts..finish your dharshan..of anjaneya right opposite the guru and then you can sit in a meditating place before the Samadhi and then join the que for dharshan and you exit collect a food token(till 11.50 pm) and go to narayanamurthy hall a to have your lunch ..anytime between 9am and 12 they serve it..(if u jus missed 12 pm mark and you are told there is no token still head to the hall and they will serve you till about 12.15 or 12.30..take a chance..) will get really good rice and sambhar followed by sweet payasam kheer and then curd can before you leave the Samadhi also give money if you want for annadhanam..there is a counter for that inside itself..

Relax in your room and then by 2.15 take a shared auto from outside the place of stay to Panchamuki Panchamukhi where there is an anjaneya hanuman temple in a cave (guru raghavenda had meditated at this place for 12 years and got the boon from this anjaneya for remaing on earth in non body form (non physical body but still living) for 750 years in his Samadhi and bless people..350 years are over already..after another 350 years he will not reside at Samadhi to bless people but merge with god after that..after praying you can walk to another cave of lakhsmi right out for monkeys..and then see the hanumans chappals that are changed every 5 is believed that every amavasya day he uses these chappals to go around..this ammavasya day is very crowded..people sleep in the night at the temple cld also do it to get more blessings from hanuman anjaneya ..from here again you can go back to river have a nice bath,pray to manchalaman and then to guru raghavendra and leave mantralaya…the trip to station autos charge 40 you can get back to station ….

You should also visit Bhuvanagiri which is 12 km away from chidambaram in Tamilnadu and may cost Rs.150 by auto. There are also regular busses. This is the birth place/house of Raghavendra. The temple ph no is 04144-240500. They conduct regular pooja's andabhisekms there for which you can make your contributions.

Trip to Prashanthi nilayam sai baba saibaba dharshan

Trip to Prashanthi Niilayam Puttaparthi satya sathya sai baba saibaba dharshan

Links to know more..

for confirming whether Bhagawan is at Prasanthi Nilayam or whitefield call Public Relations Office: 0091 country code 08555(std code)-Phone No.287390

You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshan

On 30-8- 2006 left Chennai by brindavan express at 7.15 am to Bangalore …reached there at 1.30 pm..lodge..normally I stay at Hotel ajanta – std code 080 phone 25584321or brindavan hotel std code 080 phone 25584000 at Bangalore the rooms are neat and cost about 600 for a double room..boarded 8pm udayan express(the most convenient would be prashanti express leaving at about 2 pm and reaching prasanthi nilayam station(station code SSPN) at about 6 pm..11.30 in the night sriprasanthinilayam station –no auto slept in station On 31st august 2006 bath at 4 pm- got auto at 4.30 am for rs.50 frm station to prasanthi room(didn’t need one so kept my luggage in cloak room nearby) though had faxed for it as per their office instructions 8 days back..5 hrs wait inside..sathya sai baba darshan frm car while coming in at 7.45 pm..then a central minister came took most of his 1 hr time and then a small darshan while he went back to car..felt bad..felt he shld have spared 1 min for all those who had assembled there..felt he shld have stood or brought his car till centre stage and blessed since so many were waiting and that Was their only motive in 5 hrs..was wondering why the central minister did not have the courtesy to sit probably with us probably in front as he was supposedly a vip and take his blessings instead of people like us cursing him for taking so much time of swami..felt swami shld also ask such people to join with others instead of a incamera audition for a long time..of course this is only my view..people like satya sai know better..they definitely have a huge intuitive ability given by lord…i shld also appreciate his coming there to the centre stage as he is very old and weak(each of you who read this can also first pray for his good health and energy)..the other important thing that was faulty on my side was I think the time i shld have allocated for the trip..perhaps I shld have planned a two day trip to the place so that out of four dharshans normaly two each day i cld have got satisfied with a better dharshan...after this since as i told you he has a huge mind reading capability he has sent me two very close devotees of his as an internet friend and as a person i met on train to give me avery close dharshan..i havnt acted on it though will definitely do so..i had also wanted to visit him at chennai when he came here..i got the sacred ash prasad from the rudra yagna he had conducted through someone though i cld not attend it..similarly i had got a dream where he was present and i had sought his permission in my dream to click a photograph..tried my best to click the photo in my dream..but after five minute of fumbling with my camera again in my dream i cldnt click a photo..he slowly melted away..and lo and behold i got a photo of his thro someone within a week with raised arms in blessing the very same way i waned to click..great are the ways of such high souls...

Most office bearers did not know whatever question I asked..everywhere there is no clarity..felt very low in finality..which shld never be the case in case of any such visit..most of my visits to temples or gurus have been very rejuvenating..which is what u expect when u visit such a holy person or place..

Very Important; except for your clothes don’t take anything inside as they check and put it all in one box for you to collect later..esp things like lighter pen,cell etc..when you sit for a long time you can also relieve yourself ..there are toilets nearby..ask someone to look after your place..

Took an auto to dharmavaram(major junction) for rs150(as I had booked a train from there to Mumbai)..bus and train todharmavaram were not convenient to even try figuring out the time..stayed in 100rs retiring room at dharmavaram station

Took my train at 7pm(1014 Lokmanya tilak express from dharmavaram to Mumbai