Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Trip to Tiruvakkarai Kali,Siruvachur Siruvachiur Madhura kali madura kali, Samyapuram Mariamman, Mahakalikudi ujjain ujjini kali, vekkaliamman Woriur

How to reach Kali temple Kali templesTrip to Tiruvakkarai Thiruvakkarai Kali, Siruvachur Siruvachiur Madhura kali madura kali, Samyapuram Mariamman, Mahakalikudi Maha kali kudi ujjain ujjini kali, Woriur ,Uraiyur Kali Vekkaliamman

Thillai Kali, Ambakaratur Kali, Kalikambal chennai, Kozha vili amman kali chennai, ayiram aayiram aiyram aaiyram kali, madapuram kali refer my other blogs on them

Note: In all temples always buy coconut et all and then archanai ticket before you go inside the temple..ask for the counter where they give this ticket as if you forget they will not do the pooja for you and will ask you to go all the way out to get the ticket..another tip is always get special entrance ticket which generally is 25 rupees max..its easier that way..

On 20th April 2007 Morning left by bus from koyembedu bus stand Chennai in Pondicherry bus via down at kootu road just after panchavati anjaneyar please tell the bus conductor to help you get down there.. take a bus to perumbakkam which is about 20 minutes from there..from there take a share auto rs 10 per head and reach the is a shiva temple with kali also as main deity..worship shiva and ambal first..
See links below for details…then I did an archanai to kali(coconut et all) gave a red arali poo(flower liked by her) garland and 54 lemon mala

Official site:
Other links:
Temple Phone No: Std 0413 – phone no.2688949

had tiffen breakfast in a good hotel mess nearby..took and auto to thirukkanur share auto is rs.10 ..i took one all for my self rs.40..from thirukkanur took a bus to villupuram…if you have the time please visit parikal parikkal lakshmi narasimhar narasimha and poovarasan kuppam lakshmi narashimar narasimha at villupuram..will take 2 hrs as they are slightly away frm viluppuram..i had originally planned to go but was short of time as this trip was for mainly kali dharshans..

Siruvachiur Madhurakali madurakali

From Villupuram took a bus to trichy..enroute please ask conductor to help you get down at siruvachur (very near and after perambalur)..took an auto for rs 15 to the temple…this temple is open only on Monday and Friday..details below

finished worship and left for samayapuram which is about 1 hr from here(samayapuram is 45 minutes distance from trichy

Samyapuram Mariamman

The godess is very beautiful and powerful here..details below

Mahakalikudi Ujjain kali

this place is just rs 30 by auto and very near samayapuram temple..i worshiped kali here who was supposed to have been worshipped by King Vikramaditya..

Left for Trichy…normally the bus stops at chatram bus stand at trichy..from here take a bus to central bus stand or an auto(rs50)…I put up at Hotel GURU near the central bus stand..double room at no 0431-2415881 very near this hotel you also have sharada lodge 0431 2460216 which is cheaper and good too..for other hotels in trichy use link below hotel guru you have a nice veg eating place for lunch breakfast or dinner..they serve meals thali both in the afternoon and night..I rested for 15 minutes had a bath and took a auto which I asked to take me to and fro to Shiva temple and kali temple below and back ..this cost me rs can also take a town bus from the bus stand..

Woriur ,Uraiyur


Uraiyur Woriur Kali Vekkaliamman

came back at 8pm had my dinner and rested…saw four powerful kali’s today..
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Anonymous said...

ambakaratur kali is a very powerful deity. A sincere prayer yields immediate solution to our problems and difficulties.

Tuesdays and Fridays are very special days.

12.00 sharp the abhishekam starts and is done by 1.30 pm. lot of people do abhishekam. One time when I went there were over 10 families. They also give 23 meters of white cotton good width fabrics with additional 5 meter red color fabric for the deity , if you wish.

Very sincerely done by priests.

nice reception everywhere. guru son of Ranganatha Iyer.

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