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Trip to Shirdi Saibaba Sai Baba Temple

Trip to Shirdi Shree Saibaba Sai Baba Temple

You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshan

3rd sep 2006 night left for shirdi

Prahalad my son and me took a electric train to dadar and somehow managed to get some veg biriyani and idli curd rice (from a special thatha(slightly old person) who I know fr a long time as selling these to people on dadar express from 7 pm)..boarded devagiri express at 9.30 pm from dadar..ate and slept..6pm we were in kopergaon (nearest rail head) about 15 km frm shirdi..took a share auto @ rs.20 per head to shirdi..stayed in lodge there..very many are there..3 dharshans of saibaba between 7.30 am and 8.30 am..shirdi prasadalya(opens at 10 am buy a meal ticket for rs.5) lunch..most outside hotel food they use mustard oil which gives a peculiar taste to an unused palate..though am a foodie didn’t quite get used to it to enjoy it..
At rs 5 for me and 2 for my son..they serve from 10 am to 10 pm and at a time some 1300 have easily 25000 have good food per day..a very nice thing there was the people who serve stress the importance of food and non wastage..they are willing to serve but u shld not waste a morsal..

There are samadhi’s of various persons inside the compound, gurusthan under a neem tree where baba used to sit for long time,office for donation,place where u have to give coconut for cutting it after darshan, dwarakmayi masjid(jus outside) where he used to cook food for people..the fire lit by baba is on till now and the ashes are his Prasad, lendi gardens,did not visit kandoba temple..there is a punami restraint that serves Andhra meals which I again had at 3 was quite nice..

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Trip to Guruvayoor


Trip to Guruvayoor

You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshan

On 25th sep 2006 frm coimbatore took suppa travels(various private buses are available from near gandhipuram bus stand coimbatore —got down at manuthy –on trichur byepass road..haggled for rs 40 with auto guys to drop me at trichur bus stand from where I can get guruvayoor bus..they won ..had to pay rs.50..quite some distance though..

Reached Guruvayoor by 11.

.long queue..nearly tght I will not make it as the temple closes by 1pm and will only then reopen by 5 pm..prayed to guruvayoorappan to somehow give be a dharshan b4 it closed for afternoon..probably only about 4 people came after closed..had a good dharshan..then prayed to ganapathi, baghavathi and siva (Mamuuthy temple very near by) whose temple u r supposed to visit after this dharshan to get full benefit of the trip to guruvayoor..that also closes by there is a directional board provided within guruvayoor temple praharam(pathway)from where u can pray to siva from inside the temple itself which I did..then was off to my fav payasam bought 2 jars rs 5 each and 2 rs 10 payasams..excellent for subhamy cousin..had the sandal and banana Prasad and a leaflet(refer above for details of various offerings you can make to god as given in the leaflet given in my photo above) for sending rs 1000 each in my name and in the name of deepa to do archana to all gods for a day...there are silver and gold lockets of the lord available at 5000 and 10000 rs..if I get enough money may be I shld get deepa(my sister) one..

Collected the tariff card of the hotel whose link is given below..i felt it is a very spacious decent hotel very near temple with ample car parking space too(if u r coming by car)

for those who want a quick bath or want to use a toilet there is a good set of bathroom and toilet(neat) maintained fairly well slightly diagonally opposite elite hotel very near temple again with lot of car parking if u don’t want to stay and still want to freshen up or use urinal or toilet you would find it neat…ramakrishna lunch home near temple looked as if it had been there for a long time and the food is definitely okay..its a vegetarian hotel..

some addresses:
Administrator,Guruvayoor Devaswom
Guruvayoor -680 101
For sending and drafts for pooja,

Ph of Dewaswom office:0487-2556346,47 and 256335
Temple ph no 0487-2556280

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Trip to Kancheepuram ( kanchipuram ), Nedungunam (Dirgajaleshwar) near Chetpet and Jalagandeshwar temple (vellore)

Trip to Kancheepuram ( kanchipuram ), Nedungunam Dirgajaleshwar temple near Chetpet and Jalagandeshwar temple vellore

You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshan

On 22nd Sep 2006 ,started at 4.30 am..took 5 am bus to kanchipuram..was there at 6.30 150..ultimately asked 220..was a good guy so gave..

Kancheepuram-see link below

visited only the following..


see some photos of the above 2 temples link

She is the most powerful godess and the nearest resemblence to Srichakra devi described by Aadi Sankara. here sancton sanctoram is triangular like the triangle in the middle of srichakra.
There are no temple for godess in so many siva temples in kanchipuram as she is the only sakthi. So you will only find lingam of siva in temples. THis temple has 24 pillars for 24 alphabets of gayatri mantra. The only other to my knowledge is sriramgam temple.
Sidheswarar siva temple - has a tall siva lingam..this temple is near murugan talkies
Mukthiswarar siva temple

Ulagalanda permual koil


My guru had asked me to visit dirgajaleswar temple in nedungunam very specifically an d offer prayers to shiva and abhisekam to valam puri vinayagar—gurukal organized all the required stuff including sundal.. had landed very late in the afternoon at 1.30 so had meals near a mess near hotal saravana that has been there for 30 years..fairly good meals..there is a lodge in chetpet from where one needs to take an auto to fare 60 + 60 if waiting another 30 so 150..paid mine 200 since he really had to wait a long time..temple opened at 3pm but it was yamagandam and so had to wait till 4.30 to start..wonderful dharshan

There is a rama temple where rama is without villu(bow and arrow) as a shantha moorthy having his right palm facing his heart..very old temple and a good one..see link below..

Jalagandeswar- landed at 7.50 took an auto Vijay 9994515068-very nice driver..told him will put his ph no and name on net..he told me he wld show me around vellore and wanted me to cme +vely nxt time..

Feared temple to close..luckily since it was mahalaya ammavasai temple was open..prayed,donated rs365 each for prahalad and me for 365 deepams to be lit in our name everyday..akilandeswari powerful good at riverview..
temple phone no - std code 0416 phone 2223412 2232992

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Trip to Tiruppulani Tirupullani Thiruppullani and Nainar Koil

Trip to Tiruppulani Tirupullani and Nainar Koil

You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshan

30th July 2006 From ramnad(u can also reach these places from madurai by coming to paramakudi and taking a different nus from there) took an auto(rs 350-both places and drop at nainar buses also ply) to tiruppulani(divya desam-one of the 108 most sacred Vishnu perumal temples

and nainar koil (very powerful and important snake god)..temple opened only by 4 pm there is a snake putthu for which you can offer eggs..there is normally an elderly gentlemen to guide you near the snake mound..if u ask him for mud from the mound he will give you..the mud is such a powerful remedy for any ill health can apply to the forhead after praying ..5.15 took a bus to paramakudi and from there to Madurai..these two places are a must see and if u are going to madurai they are enroute though with a slight deviation..

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Trip to Rameswaram

Trip to Rameswaram

You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshan

29th July 2006 10 am bus to rameswaram reaching there by 2 pm..maharaja hotel-04573(std code) 221271 -Phone..there is a good gujarati bojanalya run by a north India family..u get very homely north Indian food there right opposite the main temple entrance in the street that leads to the sea..rested myself..4 pm temple till 7..slept

30th July 2006 ..6 am bath at sea which is very shallow and calm..spatikalinga dharshan(please buy ur tickets for this at 5 am as u go to the sea) this spatika linga dharshan is for a short time and opens roughly at 6 am and closes by 7 am.. lit lamp for pillyar maha ganapathy and did archanai(pooja) and presented a dhothi to the lord..lit a lamp to seek blessings of nandi(bull ) after this took a special dharshan ticket to see the lord, did 21 rounds of praharam came out and lit lamp to navagrahas(nine planets)…ganesh mess(very good normal hotel for breakfast and lunch etc) meals(near maharajah hotel)..left by 12 pm to Ramnad (Ramanathapuram)

Trip to Pilliarpatti Karpaga Vinaygar temple

Trip to Pillaiyarpatti Karpaga Vinaygar temple

You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshan

I started vsiting temples from this day and the entire visits of my life time shld start with lord ganeshas blessing..who else is better than Karpaga Vinagar of Pillaiyar patti….

28 th July 2006 -afternoon left for tiruchi by vaigai train at 2pm from Chennai egmore and reached trichy station by 6 pm..went to trichy bus stand by auto for rs 20…took a bus to karaikudi immediately reaching karaikudi by 9.30 pm ..stayed at lodge right at the new bus stand
04565 STD Code
227741 Phone
SMS Lodge (Rs 150 per day)
a slightly costlier(Rs 400 per day) boarding and lodging is hotel jagan right on new busstand next door to sms lodge- ramalingam-9443350044 or 0465 227273 or 973 or 225 446

u can also stay at temple cottages..for details please refer to temple site link given below.
If and when the rameswaram railway lines that are being repaired are set right you can reach karaikudi by train too…

29th July 2006 early morn took a bus… this bus top is about 20 minutes from karaikudi and you can request main line busses to stop here for you …please take the permission before entering the bus…6am dharshan for 2 hrs of pilliarpatti can buy long flower malas / augam pul (grass) malai approx 150 and give it to the lord..
temple site-

temple ph no - Phones: 04577-264240, 264241
email id of temple -
9 am return to lodge..

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