Monday, April 30, 2007

Trip to Kancheepuram ( kanchipuram ), Nedungunam (Dirgajaleshwar) near Chetpet and Jalagandeshwar temple (vellore)

Trip to Kancheepuram ( kanchipuram ), Nedungunam Dirgajaleshwar temple near Chetpet and Jalagandeshwar temple vellore

You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshan

On 22nd Sep 2006 ,started at 4.30 am..took 5 am bus to kanchipuram..was there at 6.30 150..ultimately asked 220..was a good guy so gave..

Kancheepuram-see link below

visited only the following..


see some photos of the above 2 temples link

She is the most powerful godess and the nearest resemblence to Srichakra devi described by Aadi Sankara. here sancton sanctoram is triangular like the triangle in the middle of srichakra.
There are no temple for godess in so many siva temples in kanchipuram as she is the only sakthi. So you will only find lingam of siva in temples. THis temple has 24 pillars for 24 alphabets of gayatri mantra. The only other to my knowledge is sriramgam temple.
Sidheswarar siva temple - has a tall siva lingam..this temple is near murugan talkies
Mukthiswarar siva temple

Ulagalanda permual koil


My guru had asked me to visit dirgajaleswar temple in nedungunam very specifically an d offer prayers to shiva and abhisekam to valam puri vinayagar—gurukal organized all the required stuff including sundal.. had landed very late in the afternoon at 1.30 so had meals near a mess near hotal saravana that has been there for 30 years..fairly good meals..there is a lodge in chetpet from where one needs to take an auto to fare 60 + 60 if waiting another 30 so 150..paid mine 200 since he really had to wait a long time..temple opened at 3pm but it was yamagandam and so had to wait till 4.30 to start..wonderful dharshan

There is a rama temple where rama is without villu(bow and arrow) as a shantha moorthy having his right palm facing his heart..very old temple and a good one..see link below..

Jalagandeswar- landed at 7.50 took an auto Vijay 9994515068-very nice driver..told him will put his ph no and name on net..he told me he wld show me around vellore and wanted me to cme +vely nxt time..

Feared temple to close..luckily since it was mahalaya ammavasai temple was open..prayed,donated rs365 each for prahalad and me for 365 deepams to be lit in our name everyday..akilandeswari powerful good at riverview..
temple phone no - std code 0416 phone 2223412 2232992

u can reach me on sify for astro consultations using the link below


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