Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Trip to Prashanthi nilayam sai baba saibaba dharshan

Trip to Prashanthi Niilayam Puttaparthi satya sathya sai baba saibaba dharshan

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for confirming whether Bhagawan is at Prasanthi Nilayam or whitefield call Public Relations Office: 0091 country code 08555(std code)-Phone No.287390

You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshan

On 30-8- 2006 left Chennai by brindavan express at 7.15 am to Bangalore …reached there at 1.30 pm..lodge..normally I stay at Hotel ajanta – std code 080 phone 25584321or brindavan hotel std code 080 phone 25584000 at Bangalore the rooms are neat and cost about 600 for a double room..boarded 8pm udayan express(the most convenient would be prashanti express leaving at about 2 pm and reaching prasanthi nilayam station(station code SSPN) at about 6 pm..11.30 in the night sriprasanthinilayam station –no auto slept in station On 31st august 2006 bath at 4 pm- got auto at 4.30 am for rs.50 frm station to prasanthi room(didn’t need one so kept my luggage in cloak room nearby) though had faxed for it as per their office instructions 8 days back..5 hrs wait inside..sathya sai baba darshan frm car while coming in at 7.45 pm..then a central minister came took most of his 1 hr time and then a small darshan while he went back to car..felt bad..felt he shld have spared 1 min for all those who had assembled there..felt he shld have stood or brought his car till centre stage and blessed since so many were waiting and that Was their only motive in 5 hrs..was wondering why the central minister did not have the courtesy to sit probably with us probably in front as he was supposedly a vip and take his blessings instead of people like us cursing him for taking so much time of swami..felt swami shld also ask such people to join with others instead of a incamera audition for a long time..of course this is only my view..people like satya sai know better..they definitely have a huge intuitive ability given by lord…i shld also appreciate his coming there to the centre stage as he is very old and weak(each of you who read this can also first pray for his good health and energy)..the other important thing that was faulty on my side was I think the time i shld have allocated for the trip..perhaps I shld have planned a two day trip to the place so that out of four dharshans normaly two each day i cld have got satisfied with a better dharshan...after this since as i told you he has a huge mind reading capability he has sent me two very close devotees of his as an internet friend and as a person i met on train to give me avery close dharshan..i havnt acted on it though will definitely do so..i had also wanted to visit him at chennai when he came here..i got the sacred ash prasad from the rudra yagna he had conducted through someone though i cld not attend it..similarly i had got a dream where he was present and i had sought his permission in my dream to click a photograph..tried my best to click the photo in my dream..but after five minute of fumbling with my camera again in my dream i cldnt click a photo..he slowly melted away..and lo and behold i got a photo of his thro someone within a week with raised arms in blessing the very same way i waned to click..great are the ways of such high souls...

Most office bearers did not know whatever question I asked..everywhere there is no clarity..felt very low in finality..which shld never be the case in case of any such visit..most of my visits to temples or gurus have been very rejuvenating..which is what u expect when u visit such a holy person or place..

Very Important; except for your clothes don’t take anything inside as they check and put it all in one box for you to collect later..esp things like lighter pen,cell etc..when you sit for a long time you can also relieve yourself ..there are toilets nearby..ask someone to look after your place..

Took an auto to dharmavaram(major junction) for rs150(as I had booked a train from there to Mumbai)..bus and train todharmavaram were not convenient to even try figuring out the time..stayed in 100rs retiring room at dharmavaram station

Took my train at 7pm(1014 Lokmanya tilak express from dharmavaram to Mumbai


Anonymous said...

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geeta said...

by flying visit u expect the things must happen according to u r whims and fancies. Leave about Prashanthinilayam leave about Sri Satya Sai Baba can u c anyone whom u want to know or meet by one attempt. Very Sorry Mr.Ashok when you come to c a divine person u must have patience. Even Shirdi Baba will ask for Shradda and Saburi.

So next time when you visit stay for sometime and try to enjoy the Darshan and visit the places in Parthi. Sairam!

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