Monday, May 14, 2007

Trip to Panchavati Anjaneyar Hanuman and Prathyankara Devi near Pondicherry

Trip to Panchavati Anjaneyar Temple and Prathyankara Temple Moratandi Pondicherry

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On 06-02-07 I went to koyembedu bus stand at 4 am and boarded a bus to pondycherry via tindivanam route…in about 2 hrs and 40 minutes I got down at Panchavati Anjaneya temple..please tell your conductor you wish to get down in this temple and that he has to take the responsibility of reminding you…it comes on the left hand side of the road and the temple is on the main road itself…my conductor kept shouting somewhere despite several I missed out on getting down anyways 99% of the busses stop in kootu road which is just about 5 min down there and too an auto from there for rs.20 getting back on the same road..thedharshan of 5 headed anjaneyar was good …did pooja and then 5 rounds of the temple..its a fairly new temple and has a link to the founder of anjaneyar temple nanganallur Chennai..they give you nice Prasadam to eat..for this you need to exit through the right gate(if you stand facing hanuman there will be a right wall and a small exit..on the very same side you also have very neat toilets..after eating proceeded to prthankara temple about 20 min from here

phoneno of panchavati temple: 0413-2678823, 2671232

Prathyankara Temple

I took an auto from panchavati for Rs 40 to drop me at Prathyankara is off the main road by about three km..bought coconut et all with red arali flower garland and then proceeded to do an archanai at the temple..u have to break the coconut outside the temple and carry it inside..someone will help u in this ..she is a very very powerful goddess thre are two statues of her one outside open to sky stand 72 feet tall and one inside slightly underground about 4 feet…this place is in the midst of 8 graveyards(don’t panic) cant see them..many evil forces (if you believe) just leave as you enter the temple…I saw one lady jus tbehaving abnormally on entering and the priest caught her front tuft of hair and poured holy water and next 5 min she walked out as though nothing was ever wrong with her daughter and husband…I came out and then lit two lamps near the open to sky statue..the goddess loves to be worshiped on 8th day after full moon called ashtami..on this day they do pooja in midnight till 4 am..generally Tuesdays, new moon days and Friday are little crowded

temple ph no: 0413-3204288,2907871

From here if you want to get back to Chennai..go back in auto for rs 20 to the main road ie tindivanam pondycherry road ..dont try going back in tindivanam route Chennai busses..busses don’t stop or are very crowded…go to pondicherry in private busses that ply and take a ECR road bus to Chennai..i did that.. was back by 5 pm…


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