Monday, May 14, 2007

Trip to Ashtalakshmi Temple and Kaligambal Temple Chennai

Trip to Ashtalakshmi Temple and Kaligambal Temple Chennai

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Ashta Lakshmi Eight Kalikambal

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Ashtalakshmi Temple Besant Nagar, Chennai

Today March 23rd 2007 is a Friday .this temple is near besant nagar beach..ask for kalakshetra colony and ask for directions is on the beach….came here at 10.30 am..bought 3 small tulasi malas for Vishnu (Main Deity), anjaneya and guruvayur appan, and 9 bits of jasmine flower mala which is one for Laksmi (Main Deity) with Vishnu and others for 8 lakshmi’s you can get to do pooja to all 8 lakhmi’s listed below for Rs 101 by buying a ticket they will give a kum mum packet that you keep giving to priests..tehy willreturn it after doing kum kum archana to to the lakshmi’s to carry to the other at the end you would have done poojas to all lakshmi’s and each lakshmi would have given her kum kum Prasad to you in the same packet…

The eight Mahalakshmi's are Sri Aadhi lakshmi the Goddess of health, Sri Dhanya lakshmi the Goddess of food, Sri Dhairya lakshmi the Goddess of courage, Sri Gaja lakshmi the Goddess of luck, Sri Santhana Lakshmi the Goddess of children, Sri Dhana lakshmi the Goddess of wealth, Sri Vijaya lakshmi the Goddess of victory and Sri Vidya lakshmi the Goddess of education. Other deities in the temple are Hanuman, Guruvayurappan and Ganesh

Kaligambal Temple Chennai

This temple is in thambuchetty street..Tuesday and Fridays are very crowded…most info on the temple is in the link below which is their official site

On March 23rd Prahalad (son) and I reached this temple at 4 pm ..bought coconut et all for archanai and a 54 lemon mala ..did our first prayer to lord vinayaga ganesh on the side of the main temple and then went inside in que..after you exit from dharshan you can go around and come back in and que again for sitting in front of the goddess..there is no payment and no special ticket etc..everyone is allowed in que… this is the best part..

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Swathi said...

I have heard a lot about this temple but i havent gone,but after reading your blog i felt that i should visit.Its really awesome about how you explain about your travel. Chennai to Coimbatore bus