Sunday, May 13, 2007

Trip Tour to Kumbakonam and Navagraha Temple Temples -Part TWO

Please see the link below first to get a general idea on navagraha navagrah temple trip tour

You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshan

I had taken a train to trichy on 7th aug 2006 and after visiting uchi ucchi pillayar there to seek his blessings embarked on my navagraha tour trip by coming from trichy to kumbakonam by 10 pm…put up at MSM Lodge phone no Std code (0435) 2431512...other hotels in kumbakonam...please see links bellow for hotels in kumbakonam..have stayed in MSM lodge most times and in hotel rayas(near mahamaham tank)ph no 0435 2422545, 2423172, 2423170,fax2422479, ..msm is cheaper say rs 250you get singel room... msm also has a slightly newer hotel very near the tel no is 2433224,25..i stay in msm because it is very close to the bus stand where i get busess to go to various temples easily

you can alternatively take the direct train no 6177 rockfort express at 10.30 pm from Chennai egmore (and not Chennai central) to reach kumbakonam at 7.30 am.. if you want you can get town at tanjore thanjavur at 6.15 am traveling by the same train and visit brahadeeswarar temple big temple and then come to kumbakonam… station code chennai egmore (MS) Kumbakonam (KMU) Tanjore Thanjavur (TJ)

temples in and around kumbakonam

Visited on Tuesday 8th Aug 2006

Mars Chevvai, Angarakan Mangal Navagraha Temple

This is doctor shiva and he helps in any health issues you have Came here at 6 am..there is a well maintained toilet and bath right near the east tower... had a bath in huge temple pond inside (it supposed to be very powerful pond for cleaning up your health) shld take bath salt pepper mustard and jaggery(gur) then put salt, pepper and mustard after circling your head with it 3 times clockwise in a box meant for it and take jaggery to teple pond and put a small piece inside pond and other pieces in a tub near by......after this did archanai to shiva and ambal..then to muthukumarasamy who is lord muruga and then archanai to lord mars who stands separately..then visited jatayu’s cremation place(kund)place inside where you get some round tablets(called thiruchandurundai) for good health…from here I proceeded to sirkali temple ...and then to ketu’s temple

Sirkali, Sirgazhi, seerkali, Seerghazhi

Ketu Navagraha Temple

Rahu kalam is between 3 pm and 4.30 pm..on tuesday i went..otherwise ask people for rahu kalam on the day of visit and go during this time...did pooja to shiva and ambal and then to lord ketu….you can pay for the pooja to 250 for dosha rectifying pooja and rs750 for is done only during rahu kal..…it is very crowded on a Tuesday which is a day liked by ketu for pooja…

The details below is of priests at the temple and the temple address.. the priests whose contact details are given below will be of help if you want to do a pooja..please mention Mr.Ashok of Chennai had referred

04364 std code -phone 260582
ManiPattu Gurukal
kethustalam,naganatankoil,kelaperumalpallam,Vanagiri 609105

04364 STD code -phone 260088
Manikarthikeya Gurukal
kethustalam,naganatankoil,kelaperumalpallam,Vanagiri 609105

Please mention Mr.Ashok from Chennai had referred.

Visited on Wednesday 9th Aug 2006

Mercury Budha Budh Navagraha Temple

On Tuesday evening reached the lodge mentioned below right in front of the temple and slept up at 5 am is customary to take bath first in three temple ponds agni pond, soorya pond and Chandra pond..and then went to the temple..... did that…there is a ganesh near shiva lingam outside..first did pooja to him ..then did archanai to shiva..then proceeded to do archanai to ambal and lord mercury budha after this I had been asked by my guru to do an abhishekam to agoramoorthy agoramurthy aghoramoorthy aghoramurthy…lord shiva is in full form idol here and not a linga ..he is real tall..he is supposed to ward of all evil eyes etc.. left for kumbakonam…there is a very nice mess called Baskar mess nearby the budha temple where you get good breakfast and homely meals/lunch...
Ramalinga lodge-Tiruvengadu

4364 275410
At tiruvengadu you may take the help of Priest T.A Dakshinamoorthy

04364-26631(info given by Mr. A.M Damodaran after reading my blog and visiting the place. Thanks a lot since any addition to this blog from different people with useful info is useful for people around the world. )

Visited on Thursday 10th Aug 2006

Jupiter Guru Navagraha Temple

Took a bus from kumbakonam to this place Aalangudi..ask in busses that go to mannargudi to drop you off there..tell the conductor...Got down and walked a kilometer to reach the temple pond this is not near the temple..u need to ask people there..dipped my feet and did proshadham(sprinkling water on head)..went to the temple and did archanai to lord shiva and ambal and then paid rs 750 to do an abhishekam (various offerings like tender coconust,turmeric water, rose water etc) poured on the main deity Jupiter dakshinamoorthy..only if you go at 6.30 am can you do to the main deity after that you can only do to the urchava moorthy separate idols that are not fixed in temple..returned to kumbakonam

Mr Siva whose contact details are given below will be of help if you want to do a pooja..please mention Mr.Ashok of Chennai had referred

04374 std code-phone residence-269763 Mobile: 9442820658


Visited on Friday 11th Aug 2006

Venus Sukran Sukiran Navagraha Temple

Took a bus from kumbakonam to this place Kanjanoor kanjanur. Got down and took an auto..did archanai to shiva and ambal ..then lord venus is again shiva an ambal together..did my archanai lit lamp and went to tirunageswaram temple to do pooja to rahu…

Also see my own blog on this temple using link below..

ThirunageswaramOn 11th morning I reached this temple at 10 am. I had seen from the almanac that it was rahu raghu’ star sadhayam today ..This place is just 6 km from kumbakonam and regular mini busses can take you here if not auto charge is rs 60…..bus no 13,15,22,23,58,60 go here..This is the famous temple of rahu raghu…..I went to the temple tank inside the campus but very near the entrance to the temple and dipped my feet and did proshadam …ideally u need to have a bath in this tank..prayed to lord ganesh..and then prayed to lord shiva, ambal (godess ..there are two goddesses one of them there are three godesses) and then to navagrahas in front. Thereafter lit 21 lamps… paid rs 100 to get a milk abhishekam done to rahu during rahu kalam between 10.30 and 12 am ..many people participate in this and milk is provided by the temple is best to do it in rahu kalam (refer almanac for time for each week day)..and still more preferable to do it on one of the stars of rahu ie swathi, aridra or sadhyam sadabisha in rahu kalam…you can get a list of various schemes of temple to propitiate rahu year long…the milk turns blue when poured on rahu idol and then white again…they ask you to assemble after the ceremony in a corridor when they give Prasad in a bag along with a bottle of milk which was pored on rahu..please drink it immediately as it will not last longer than that and will curdle and become bad

is a temple guest house –phone-04352463354 where you can stay or there are many houses coverted for stay near the entrance..there is a nice brahmin mess about 25 meters from the entrance tower of the temple…forget the name ..wil write in later..I furnish below the phone number of chellappa gurukal who can organize for the pooja with sufficient notice ..he is one of the priests gurukkal at rahu raghu temple in tirunageswaram no can refer my name and that I am from chennai..

Visited on Saturday 12th Aug 2006

Saturn Sani Shani Navagraha Temple

visit the link below for details

Visited on Sunday 13th Aug 2006

Sun Sooryanar Suriyan Navagraha Temple

Took a bus going to have come near the place when you come to aduturai...after that it is 5 have to get down and walk or pay rs 20 and take an auto to drop you off there about a km walk..tell the condductor to tell you when you reach suriyanarkoil.

visit the link below for details

Visited on Monday 14th Aug 2006

Moon Chandra Navagraha Temple

Took a bus from kumbakonam to this place Tingaloor. Got down and took an auto..there is a temple pond outside the temple..u need to ask people there..dipped my feet and did proshadham..did archanai to shiva and ambal..then went to lord moon Chandra and did special poojas and archani to him..went back to kumbakonam

Took the train rockfort express at 7.30 pm from kumbakonam to Chennai ..thus ended my navagraha tour..


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