Sunday, May 6, 2007

Trip to Tirunallar Thirunallar, Tirunallaru Sani Shani Saneeswarar Ambakarathur Ambakaratur Ambagarattur Kali

Click on the image above to read it better...USE FULL BRIGHT SCREEN MODE ON UR COMPUTER to see it in detail..afterthat click back button on the left hand top corner of your computer screen... -read this link for navagraha route planning.
Trip to Tirunallar Tirunallaar Thirunallar, Tirunallaru Sani Shani Saneeswarar Ambakarathur Ambakaratur Ambagarattur Kali

You can write to me on for any clarifications / doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshan

For a guide and for any help please refer my name as ashok and call Mr.Gopi on 9842430157.
For budget stay on the door of temple u can call moorthy on 9788045769. If u are landing there on a saturday it will be very very crowded so you can call him by thursday and reserve ur rooms.
From Kumbakonam busses to karaikal will pass through thirunallar.
This place is the temple for Saturn shani Sani. You can travel from kumbakonam by bus to karaikal and reach here..its about 2.5 hrs ride..We reached here early morning from tirukadaiyur tirukadavur after an hrs drive to karaikal by bus and then a 10 minute drive from karaikal to this place. We had come here on a Monday as I had earlier come on a Saturday the most preferred day to come here as Saturday is his (Sani’s) day. The procedure is to go to nala theertham temple pond (view picture in the link - )after applying gingelly oil… have a dip in the temple pond
and then washing off with soapnut powder..dip again and throw a one rupee coin and black cloth after circling your head into the shld also leave all your old clothes that you are wearing there..u can ask for procedure to do it with any of the many vendors near the pond..aftr bath you come to a ganesh temple which is near the side of pond and break a coconut to smithereens and proceed to the temple..Saturday’s unless you go one day in advance(by friday afternoon 4 pm max but preferably by 11 am friday..) you will really have trouble getting rooms is so crowded..similarly please be ready to be jostled by thousands of people coming there on will also find it difficult to board a bus back to any other place as they will be jam you enter take special dharshan tickets and archanai tickets…first woship lord shiva(6.30 am vey next to shiva on left hand side near tyagarajar they wld do a milk abhishegam to emarald linga..if u tell the attendent and tip you can have a prasad of the milk and plantain..) here and then ambal the godess and then lord Saturn after lightling 9 gingelly seed tied cloth wick in gingelly oil lamps sold near lord saturn..when you do archanai to lord Saturn you can offer black clothes, gingelly seed, a special blue flower sold in front of temple to lord can also do regular archanai's to lord in your name in absentia..the office functioning at the temple will do this for you at a nominal cost..list of what they can do for you is available at the office with the amounts in the photo above...

office phone no- 04368 -236530, telefax 236504 email

Mr.Y Krishnaswamy Executive officer Thirunallar temple residence no 04368 236504

Ambakarathur Kali

There are busses from tirunallar Sani Saturn koil street to this place which is 25 minutes from there. The kali is powerful link below pages 1,2,3. We did archanai here and offered arali flower ans 54 lemon mala…if you take an auto from tirunallar to and fro they ask Rs.200.

This place is on the way to we took a bus from here to kumbakonam which took about 2 hrs to reach.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ashok,

It is a great service for many people. I have a suggestion. Currently the site seemstobe basically your personal trip diary with useful tips for travellers. Could people who have visited other places that aren't listed here, give their tourist information to make it a bigger collection of useful tips for devotees.

Srikanth (

OmNamaSivaya said...

thanks a lot for ur inputif you mail me on my yahoo id I would include those places with courtesies to u the objective is people shld have a good resource ..even in places i have visisted u can write to me for adding anything more i will do so....I would also request you to forward my blog address to as many contacts of yours so that may be they would also do so in turn and many benefit by the effort..Cheers

Jaisriram said...

Thank you for providing this information. It is really helpful.

ddbinani said...

Ashok Swamy:

I will be visiting the temple this month and this is a very useful information for me. I hope that more people visit your site and learn about the temples and rituals performed. I do plan to visit other temples which are given in your site.

Dhruva Das Binani

shritha said...

thank you for providing some real good information... i would also want to know how one could pay money to perform the pooja for sani god who are going through sani period.please reply back to mail(

shritha said...

thank you for providing some real good information... i would also want to know how one could pay money to perform the pooja for sani god who are going through sani period.please reply back to mail(

shritha said...

thank you for providing some real good information... i would also want to know how one could pay money to perform the pooja for sani god who are going through sani period.please reply back to mail(

R.R.KUMAR said...

Dear Mr.Ashok
The site was very informative,so I was well prepared for the temple visit.Thanks a lot.

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