Sunday, May 6, 2007

Trip to Devipatnam

Trip to Devipatnam on 25th April 2007You can write to me on for any clarifications /doubts..i shall try my best to be of use to u so that u have a good dharshanI started at 4 am from Madurai Mattuthavani Bus stand to Ramanathapuram which takes about 3 hours. There are buses to Devipatnam which is about 14 km..I took an auto to and fro from Ramanathapuram for Rs 250. We can finish this visit in about 2 hours. The roads ae very bumpy as new road 4 lane highway is being is advisable to be there early in the morning between 5.45 and 9 am…for pooja to navagrahas they charge 301, pooja with nava danya 501 and specific remedies about a 1000 bucks..u can also jus go and see the navagrahas without paying anything..I did a pooja for 301 …took a wonderful bath in sea which is very shallow and calm for about 1 hr and then did my pooja and finally left a plantain for the crow to eat on a place meant for that..since I am an astrologer I know the mantras for navagrahas and all the various priest there seem to be telling the right mantras only and didnt see much cheating.. these navagrahas were installed by rama and I hear Agastiar had ordained all the navagraha gods to assemble here for rama..with this as an astrologer I have done poojas to navagrahas near kumbakonam, and at nava tirupati near tirunelveli, at ahobilam- nava narasimhars and at hopefully I have got their good blessings and in the process reduced many navagraha doshas..cheers can reach me on sify for astro consultations using the link below

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