Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Trip to Nava Tirupati and Papanasam Temple

Trip to Nava Tirupati and Papanasam Temple

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Nava Tirupathi, Tirupati Tirupathi Divya Desam

Details about the temple through links:

Temple Phone Number:

Std Code- --- Phone Number :

How I went:

On 1st aug 2006, morning I hired a taxi at 6 am started from Vaikuntam which opened at about 7.45 can start at 7 am to avoid waiting…then the taxi driver took me one after the other to all the temples and by 12 pm be sure to finish the temples because then the temples start closing and you may then be left out from seeing one or two of them.. so generally see it in slightly hurried pace though I feel there is enough time…I did not have any breakfast..if you wish to have have some bread etc at 6 am at some tea stall on the way..dont stop for elaborate breakfast as you may end up not seeing some temples. These are vashnavite equivalent of navagraha temples near kumbakonam which are built around shiva temples.

The taxi trip cost me about Rs 600. Taxi Provider–vinod-9843337456

Papanasam Temple

Papavinaseswarar, papavinasar

Details about the temple through links:

Temple Phone Number:

Std Code- 044 Phone Number :

How I went:

On 1st aug 2006, afternoon from Tirunelveli I took a bus to Papanasam about 60 kms from there about 1 ½ hrs. This temple is situated on Tamiraparani river in which I had a wonderful bath. Worshipped shiva and left for Courtallam for overnight stay there and visiting Kutralanathar and Tenkasi Viswanathar on 2nd Aug 2006. Bus takes about 2 ½ to 3 hrs hrs to reach courtallam from Papanasam.

How to reach

Nearest Airport –Madurai

Nearest Rail Head/ Railway Station – Tirunelveli Tenkasi is about 6 km away.

Road Access: There are many buses from Tirunelveli to the above places. There are two bus stands in Tirunelveli. So ask people where to board

Preferred travel base Tirunelveli.

STD Code of Tirunelveli -0462

Railway Station code for Chennai Central – MAS

Most south bound trains especially to visit the places above start from Chennai Egmore (MS) Coimbatore –CBE Madurai –MDU Trichy Thiruchchirapalli – TPJ Tirunelveli –TEN Tenkasi - TSI

For Internet/ Mobile Railway ticket Booking use

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